Feb 5, 2017
Peder Kolsung
Finishing the backbone!

Today, Tor could finally stretch his gummy claws to the sky and let out a primal scream: "FINISHED WITH THOSE DAMNED BASS TRACKS!" Here's one of the better photos of him -

Aug 14, 2016
Peder Kolsung
Recording of debut album has begun!

The writing process for all the tunes on the upcoming Neurolapse debut album was finished in mid-June, just in time for our drum recording sessions scheduled for early July. After several long days, sleepless nights and too little alcohol, Thord eventually nailed all the 8 tracks containing drums, and we are very pleased with the result (both aurally and... visually... and maybe... smelly?). Some hours of drum editing now clouds the horizon (geez), and after that we will start our holy war marching down the bass tracks!
For a sneak peak at the drum recording sessions, check out this new, sensational video:

Sep 9, 2014
Peder Kolsung
The Hippo Campus appears on Marcodi's FB Page!

Marcodi Musical Products, maker of the Harpejji, posted our tune The Hippo Campus on their Facebook page! I play the Harpejji G16 on these passages: 0:54 to 1:10 and 2:32 to 5:08 (the melody lines).

Sep 2, 2014
Peder Kolsung
Neurolapse Demos released!

The long anticipated Neurolapse Demos are finally released! Check 'em out in the player above or head over to the Media section for download links.