Neurolapse is an instrumental prog rock/metal (maybe just a hint)/fusion/electronic... whatever-band (duo, really) situated in Bergen, Norway.
After several years with several incarnations, they emerged from the wasteland of scrapped projects in 2014 with the self-produced pseudo-EP "Neurolapse Demos", containing a vast number of tracks (read: 2), not including "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Thankfully.

Neurolapse originated in February 2009 in the Norwegian house cluster Kongsvinger, where Thord was looking for a keyboard player to join a new band of his, and eventually came in contact with Peder. When the new band of his eventually turned into nothing, Thord and Peder made a new band playing some kind of music the world will never hear, under the name Neurolapse, and later Modul:e_ate_me.
After a fight with the manager at the rehearsal space they rented, Peder decided they could move into the basement of his parents' house, dubbing the room, which also doubled as a project studio, "The Module" after the band name. Over the next year, a guitarist and a bassist joined the band, changing the name to Syncosis. After countless sessions writing music, they ended up scrapping all the tunes, and the band disbanded when Peder moved to Bergen in the summer of 2010.

More or less nothing happened musically for the next couple of years, until Thord decided to move to Bergen as well in the summer of 2013. The band Neurolapse was raised from the dead shortly after, and has set it's eyes on a full album release sometime in the not too distant future, following the release of the Demos.

Peder Kolsung

Keys, guitars, Harpejji, songwriting/composing

Nerd department:

Kawai VPC-1, Korg Kronos 88, Nord Electro 3 73, Waldorf Blofeld, Korg MicroX, Rhodes Mark V, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Galaxy Grand Vintage D, Reaktor 5, Waves Element and Logic Pro X.
Ibanez RGIR27FE and Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO.
Marcodi Musical Products Harpejji G16.

Thord Nordli

Drums, occasional co-writing, sounding board

Nerd department:

Vic Firth Jojo Mayer signature, Vic Firth Brushes, Silverfox Mallets, Gretsch USA Costum 1980's kit, Ddrum Dominion Maple snare, Pearl Ian Paice Snare, Benny Greb Sandhats & Sand Ride, Zildjian A costum 10" & 18" crashes, Sabian 22" Omni Ride, Sabian 10" HHX Studio crash, DW9000 double pedal, Pearl stands, Korg Wavedrum, Roland TD9 kit.